The technological advances have opened a new range of possibilities in every business, something hard to imagine before. Today, it is common to consult a bank account's balance in a smart phone or read the newspaper on a tablet.

At the technical level, Koolsite has chosen Android and iOS as the mobile platforms that meet the needs of today's business applications. Thus, an Alliance program was adopted to integrate Koolsite applications in Android and iOS.

KOOLSITE, as a software development firm, can determine the types of applications for these devices, although more important would be those that can be integrated with its central system, independently of the platform type.

Koolsite uses its own development tools and teams of specialised professionals for the design of mobile solutions, enabling the development of projects tailored to its customers in the short term, and economically attractive.

    Benefits for the Users
  • Sending and receiving E-Mails / SMS
  • Make phone calls directly from the client's record
  • Marking of appointments
  • GPS localisation
  • Consult business information
  • Registration of employment operations
  • Collection and receipt control
  • Monitoring of pending operations
  • Use of the applications anywhere
  • Available in Portuguese, Spanish, English and Italian
  • Flat rate mobile service for subscribers of Koolsite applications