A global system that enables greater communication capability to the insurer with its business network. Mobility is the main technological commitment that Koolsite offers to the major insurance companies with the development of Web Services projects. These are geared towards their Commercial Network, Clients, Adjusters, Service Providers, and anyone else that participates in the business.

Here are some general aspects of the system for Insurance Companies:

  • Integral System for tariff calculation
  • Product definition Module
  • Actuarial calculus for the Life module
  • Clients registration
  • Policy issue for Life or Property, either for individuals or groups
  • Cerificates with or without premium calculation
  • Automatic distribution of reinsurance
  • Coinsurance cede registration
  • Facultative reinsurance cede registration
  • Policy renewal
  • Policy Cancelation
  • Preparation of reinsurance technical accounts
  • Institutionals reports
  • Statistical reports
    Claims System
  • Claim notifications register
  • Data registration of injured and third party (motor insurance)
  • Automatic claim distribution of reserve and compensation
  • Compensation verification based on the specific policy cover and the status of the associated receipts
  • Payment to other entities
  • Closing or reopening of processes
  • Automatic acounting of operations performed
  • Requirements registrations
    Reinsurance System
  • Contract conditions registrations
  • Issue Bordereaux
  • Reinsurance Bordereaux
  • Technical accounts
  • Institutional reports
    Accounting Support System
  • Consult accounts plan
  • Registration and consult of account movement entries
  • Comparative graphs of movement entries at any level of the account plan


Product and service infrastructure focused in making available the insurance company information via Internet. This solution allows the interaction with other systems present in the company with our production platform in order to perform operations via Internet, such as:

Clients and Agents Services

    New Clients Registration
  • Policy simulation for life and property with automatic premium calcultaion
  • Automatic email &/or FAX sending with the transaction details based in pre-established models
  • Automatic creation of documents in Adobe PDF format
    Policy Data Browsing
  • HTML Format
  • Digital Format of associated physical document, ready for printing in the client/agent printer
    Receipts consulting
  • HTML Format
  • Digital format of associated physical document or receipt notice printable by the client/agente
    Receipt Payment
  • 'Multibanco' browsing of pending receipts reference
  • Credit card payment
  • Rendering of collected receipts
    Claim Support System
  • Notifications
  • General and particular data
  • Third party data
  • Injured data
  • Payment authorisation
  • Follow-up
    Other Services for
  • Internal commercial network
  • Adjusters
  • Clinics