Cloud Solutions is a service that allows the customer access to computer applications from an Internet address with the maximum reliability and security.

This new service is the result of the evolution of computing from the introduction and spread of the Internet. To make a comparison, we can say that it is the equivalent of electrical power or telephone services but in this case applied to computer programs.

With this approach, the Cloud Solution provider, in partnership with an Internet communications provider, offers its system via Internet in a safe, reliable and high quality environment.

    Some of the advantages that Cloud Solutions applications offer are:
  • It does not require specialised personnel
  • It does not require investment in computer equipment
  • It does not require floor space
  • Applications are optimized continually.

The use of these applications through the Cloud Solution Service requires the periodic payment of a value derived from the characteristics of the service contract and the volume of data and transactions. The client only needs to have a computer connected to the Internet and subscribe to the service to start using it.