Business Accounting is a multi-user solution that, integrated or stand-alone, enables total control of the accounting operations of one or more companies.

Selecting the overall account chart is an added advantage for companies that provide accounting services internationally. Registration of movements, use of predefined query entries, consult rates, and account balances are procedures that facilitate the entire accounting process.

    Charateristics and functionalities to point out
  • Definition of entry type
  • Entries with nominal account codes
  • Entry duplication
  • Anticipated automatic entries
  • Cancellation entries
  • Attachment of documents
  • Revision and approval of entries
  • Visualisation maps of a given financial year
  • Graphic visualisation of financial reports
  • Automatic Clearance of VAT, CEVMC (cost of goods sold and materials consumed) and results
  • Import entries from Excel files
  • Integration with modules for invoicing, payroll, insurance web service to receive movements from other applications
    Other functions
  • Data exchange with tax agency
  • Definition of entry templates
  • Reports customisation
  • Consults from mobile devices
  • Online tracking of operation results
  • Robust accountancy system
  • Operational flexibility
  • Interaction with management
  • Facilitates decision making
  • For accounting service providers
    • Increases business opportunities
    • Competitive advantage in the offer
    • Increases profitability
    • Improves client satisfaction